Inspiring Online Store Stories to Get You Started

//Inspiring Online Store Stories to Get You Started

The idea of wanting to start an online store seem lucrative on paper. When you actually begin to create an online store, you realize it is easier said than done. After all, if you are starting from scratch, it is difficult to build an online store and sustain it.

While it is easy to get demotivated, we are here to tell you that it can be done. There are various people out there who started their online store website. Many of them didn’t have the support of a huge company. Still, they succeeded in leaving a mark by creating a Shopify Online Store.

Here are a few lessons you can learn from two success products.

Finch Goods

While Finch Goods is now a successful store, it wasn’t easy for Richard Lazazzera to get it started. One of the biggest problems that arise was to maintain a respectable traffic on the site. Furthermore, converting traffic into customers was also a challenge. Regardless of which online store builder you use, you will have to deal with these problems.

Lazazzera dealt with it by devising a careful strategy. He didn’t rely completely on the E-commerce website builder. Instead, he added different features to his store. Some of them included abandoned cart emails, check out offers, and exit popups. Each of these features ensured that traffic was converted into profitable customers. The rest is now history.

This sheds light on the importance of strategic planning. It also tells you to put in effort on your online store. Don’t just use a generic layout offered by online store builders. Add other features to it too.

Hello Matcha

Now, this is a product developed by Shopify itself. Generally, it is known to be a platform for budding entrepreneurs. But, Shopify has recently diversified. It launched its own Green Tea line. They differentiated their product from others. Shopify worked by marketing the unique and premium side of their product.

Any of you who are thinking “I want to create my own online store”, this story has a very important lesson for you. The medium of distribution is not the only thing that matters. Instead, you must focus on the product itself as well. It doesn’t matter if you create your store using the best online store builder Canada, or any other country has to offer. You must accompany it with a quality product.



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